Alter Ego Jazzbarock Consort


  • Release 2011
  • Genre Jazzbarock
Stormvogel’s Alter Ego Jazzbarock Consort is an adventurous progjazz group, founded by Stormvogel. The group is performing “Drakenburger Concerto’s” in differing line up since 1998, presenting itself rather as an order of mystic knights, than just another ensemble of dazzling jazz hot-shots.
The music, exclusively composed by Stormvogel and baptized “Jazzbarock”, is an high-energetic fusion of jazz, rock and classical music, mixed with zeuhl, raga, saga and medieval. Besides its ever-changing modular system structures, ‘jazzbarock’ is characterized by ostinate odd meter grooves, symmetrical and superlocrian scales, the use of analoge synthesizers, always refering to a cryptic, ostensibly anti-modern, irrational blend of pseudo-religious, theosophical practice.
Line Up
Stormvogel (keys, voice), Onno Witte (drums, voice), David de Marez Oyens (bass, percussion), with Remko Smid Stahlhosen (sax/EWI) and Angelo Boltini (guitar), Wieke Aurora Garcia (vocals, bagpipes, percussion). Other members and/or special guests over the years: Tineke Postma (sax, 2007), Thomas Winther Andersen (bass, 2007), Wiro Mahieu (bass, 2008-2009), Chander Sardjoe (2000-2001), Arjen de Graaf (violin, vocals 1999-2001). Thijs van Otterloo (sax, 1998-2002), Semmy Prinsen (sax, 1998-2000), Marco van Os (bass, 1998-2002). Before: Karsten van Straten (drums, 1988-1999) and Remi Balvers (bass, 1988-1999), special guest: Daphne Balvers (sax 1995).