Marco vn Os Jeroen van Helsdingen

  • Release 2014
  • Genre Fusion
Groovy, lyrical, you will instantly recognize the idiom of westcoast fusion. Hybris is inspired by great bands and artists like Weather Report, The Yellowjackets and Steps Ahead, Herbie Hancock and Pat Matheny.
Seems a bit of a dare to step in that arena, don’t you think guys? Jeroen and Marco keep their cool: ‘You know, there is really nothing much to it – we just like the word hybris and we think it makes a great album title.’
And may we add, it makes a great album also!
With… Ruud Breuls, Frits Landesbergen, Teus Nobel, Toon Roos, Peter Tiehuis en Efraïm Trujillo.